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Our solutions are realistic, but we think big. Together we make sure that you can look ahead. We do this with an innovative registration system – Ecotouch – that gives you a real time view of your inventory and harvesting performance of your farm. We automate your workplace, servers and hosting, provide climate systems and access control and install and maintain irrigation systems. All for an optimal harvest result, in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

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Innovation as the pathway

We think it’s important that the relationship with our customers is just as enduring as our solutions. So we don’t just install our products, but maintain them at your location as well. We keep investing in our solutions and the relation we’ve built with our customers. Together we will achieve a successful and profitable harvest.

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Together we reach your goal

You want an optimal harvest result? We make it possible. We do this with various automated solutions that record, check and bring efficiency up to 100%.

Installations and maintenance

We know like no other that a profitable harvest goes hand in hand with properly working installations and systems. That’s why we implement and maintain various..

System Administration

We optimise your workstations, servers and telephony on location. We do this with automated connectivity solutions, including internet via DSL, fibre optics and radio connections.

Cloud Monitoring

Your production process must always run smoothly, and this also applies to your availability via the website and email. We provide your web hosting and email so that you are available anytime ..

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