About us

With Ecomation, we strive to deliver total solutions that ensure that cultivating mushrooms and crops runs at 100% efficiency. Keeping it as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. You’ll see it in the origins of our name: our automation solutions for the agricultural sector are sustainable and energy-efficient.

The core of Ecomation

Ecomation stands for innovation, outstanding service and sustainability – in our solutions and in our relationships with our customers. We have collected technical experience in the agricultural sector and have extensive knowledge of automation issues. We’ve bundled all of this knowledge and experience into Ecomation.

We develop our software in-house. We always do this in consultation with our clients, so that each solution truly adds value to your harvest. Our software, hardware, installations and systems are installed and maintained on-site. So you can continue your production 24/7. That’s real sustainability to us.

A timeless character

It’s our dream to expand to be a world player in the area of hardware and software for cultivation of mushrooms and crops. Automation plays an increasingly greater role in the agricultural sector. So we are always looking ahead. In order to ensure a fully efficient production process over the long term, we keep innovating with our software solutions and our service. So our software not only records and provides insight, it also gives you advice for your harvest.


Our services