Sustainability at the touch of a button

We developed Ecotouch: an all-around recording system that watches your work and your harvest. Using six modules, you lower your costs and increase your turnover. We provide Ecotouch as a total package, including hardware, software and electronics.

Why Ecotouch?

  • Real time insight into the performance of your farm.
  • Simple self-service for your employees

  • Lower your costs using hourly recording.

  • Increase your turnover with a live performance board.

  • Optimise ease of use through automation.

Work Registration

Let your employees simply register their hours worked and lower your costs. Using a touch screen on your farm, employees can clock in and out with their trimmer, badge, drop or watch. Each employee can also indicate activity and location. This information is processed into an extensive report that not only gives you information about the hours worked, activities and locations, but also the presence of employees and access control.

Harvest Registration

Your employees register which package has been harvested and how much has been harvested. Because each package has a harvest standard and employees record their hours, we can calculate the harvest performance of each employee with Ecotouch. Together with the total harvest, you can see generic and specific reports, per location or employee. Each employee can view this information on a display. Ecotouch also gives you the option of managing your harvest sessions.

Easily manage your inventory

The harvest can be placed on your terminal as inventory on a pallet, after which it is moved. By providing each pallet with a label, scanning it and revising the location and/or status when it is moved, our inventory is continually updated. In your backoffice software you’ll also find extensive inventory reports with information on each package, location or even company.


Manage your operating costs, fill meters and energy rates

Increase the profitability of your farm easily by giving bonuses based on harvest performance. This is possible using the Financial module: we calculate a bonus for your employees using the harvest performance. You motivate your employees and increase your turnover.

You see your profitability in various financial reports. Thus, we give you insight into your operating costs, calculate the fill meters and read out your energy meter to calculate total energy costs.

A basis in good record keeping

Update customers and suppliers, add a contact person and enter products (including purchasing and sales prices) in our Business module. These data are used for quotes, orders, packing lists, receipts and invoices, both on the purchasing and sales sides. With Ecotouch you can also quickly make up payment orders and collection orders, that you can export for reading in at the bank. You can also see your turnover and costs and you can create exports for various bookkeeping packages.

EcoDos: more user-friendly with irrigation automation

EcoDos turns on your irrigation system at just the right time and monitors the movement of the sprayer and water flow. All based on a limit you set, from the terminal or from the back office. This information is also clear to you in the reports.